The taller bottom compartment holds larger Apple accessories like power bricks and chargers. The top compartment holds smaller items such as AirPods and charging cables.

A bottom lid sits above the bottom compartment and securely hold two Apple Watchbands. The top lid sits above the top compartment and holds the Apple Pencil.

All components stack together and a large silicone strap holds everything together to look great on the workspace and keeping everything together when mobile.


When the full BentoStack is not needed, travel light with just one compartment and lid of your choice.

A second smaller silicone strap is included to keeps the smaller pack secure when mobile.


Each BentoStack comes with four sliding dividers that create custom storage spaces to keep all accessories neatly in their own space.

The Lid for the Top Compartment holds the Apple Pencil and can double as an iPhone holder.



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