Keep your heart rate in focus with the HeartSync Pod and
Apple Watch App.  Connect your Apple Watch using
Bluetooth and stream heart rate from the Apple Watch
to your Peloton Screen over ANT+.


Launch a workout from the HeartSync App on your Apple Watch and no need for additional heart rate sensors.   Just use your Apple Watch for tracking your heart rate!


Any workout equipment or smart exercise computer that supports connecting an ANT+ heart rate monitor can be used with the Function101 HeartSync Pod. 


In the HeartSync Apple Watch App, select your workout type, get full control over your Health data preferences, and fill your Apple activity rings!


At Home - Link your HeartSync pod to Peloton bikes and treadmills, rowers and more from the home fitness brands you love. Check to verify your equipment can connect to an Ant+ heart rate monitor.

In the Gym - Sync with live heart rate training displays commonly found in gyms and studios. Check with your studio for compatibility.

On the Road - Connect your Apple Watch with HeartSync to display your heart rate to your favorite Bike Computers such as Wahoo and Garmin.


Just 2.25” x 1” and weighs only 13 grams.


HeartSync connects any ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor to your equipment.


Just bring your Apple Watch close to the HeartSync Pod and connect.


Using a replaceable Coin Cell, HeartSync can last up to a year on a single battery.

Download the HeartSync App on App Store from your iPhone or directly from your Apple Watch. Use the HeartSync app to stream your Apple Watch heart rate to your Peloton or favorite ANT+ enabled fitness equipment. See and measure your heart rate zones with HeartSync and it works as a great standalone workout app.


For additional information on connecting fitness equipment, visit our HeartSync support page:

Apple Watch displaying heart rate on HeartSync Apple Watch App next to Bluetooth Ant+ Pod
Apple Watch displaying heart rate on HeartSync Apple Watch App next to Bluetooth Ant+ Pod
Function101 HeartSync for Apple Watch Bluetooth to Ant+ Pod to connect Heart Rate from Apple Watch to Peloton and other ANT+ fitness gear
Function101 HeartSync Pod attached to Peloton Handle while she is using a HeartSync Apple Watch Fitness App displaying heart rate on the Apple Watch.
Image of the Peloton handle bars with an active workout showing Alex Tousaint.  The Heart Rate is being displayed on the top left of the screen which is being broadcast by the HeartSync Pod from the HeartSync Apple Watch Fitness App.
Image of the Apple Watch displaying heart rate zone percentage (in the orange zone), next to the Function101 HeartSync Bluetooth to Ant+ Pod
Two Apple Watch images showing examples of the Function101 HeartSync for Apple Watch Fitness App.  Screen one shows orange with the heart rate percentage and the second screen shows a summary of the time spent in specific heart rate zones.  Text on image says, exclusively for Apple Watch.  Track your workouts and see the stats you want right on your wrist.
Text on image says, Personalized zones.  Customize your heart rate settings for more accurate zones.  The image shows 3 Apple Apple screens to show example images of the HeartSync for Apple Watch Fitness App.  Each heart rate zone has a unique color and has yellow, orange, and red screens as examples.
Stream your workout.  Sync your Apple Watch to your phone for real-time mirroring of your heart rate.  The HeartSync iPhone app is displaying the heart rate percentage in orange with the heart rate of 134 bpm and 88% capacity.
Your privacy matters.  HeartSync for Apple Watch  Uses Apple Sign In to ensure your data is 100% private and secure- only you have access to it.  The Apple Watch is shown with the Function101 HeartSync for Apple Watch App with with a Sign in with Apple example.
Text in image shows Track your progress.  Review your workout stats on your Apple Watch, iPhone, or in your email inbox.  iPhone screen shows the HeartSync Last workout summary with a bar chart of time spent in each heart rate zone and workout history.
Review your week.  Track your progress and see how you compare to the previous week.  Apple iPhone screen shot showing a summary of how many calories burned in the HeartSync app.
HeartSync for Apple Watch

HeartSync for Apple Watch