Two Great Stretches to help us with all that sitting!

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We have all heard the saying lately “sitting is the new smoking.” While sitting seems to get a bad reputation, even if you have a standing desk, all of us do some sitting throughout the day.

Whether you are sitting while working from home or at a local coffee shop, or back in your workplace or office, it is important to take time to find some movement throughout the day. We get those sore shoulders or lower back pains from hunched over and banging on the keyboard.

So we did a little research to find a few stretches to help with your posture and make the most of your day!

Nadia Ebhrahim from Refinery29 (a site we love!) wrote back in 2020 about two we easy stretching exercises we find to be super helpful for your posture. What we like about these is that you do these in just a few minutes and do not need to get out a yoga mat, block or any extensive time.  

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Sketch of standing pec stretch a great exercise for those who sit too much

This stretch helps to release tight pectoral muscles (major muscles in the upper chest) and combat poor posture.

How to do it:
Interlock your hands behind the back, keeping your arms straight while pulling your hands down towards the floor. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.



Sketch of standing thorasic extension stretch a great exercise for those who sit too much

What it helps:
Reduces hunching in the middle back and opens up the chest to alleviate neck and upper-back pain. This exercise will help correct a slouched forward posture.

How to do it:
Clasp both hands behind your head and gently pull backward, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for five breaths!


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