Button Remote for Apple TV Support Page

Apple TV replacement remote in hand
Do you need help with your Button Remote for Apple TV setup? We are here to make sure your set up is fully up and running guaranteed or your money back!
There are two ways to contact us:

1. Email us at support@function101.com.

2. Schedule a call by clicking our support calendar here.

Getting Started with the Button Remote

Click here for the Infrared Edition Set Up Instructions.
Click here for the Bluetooth Edition Set Up Instructions.
Not sure which version you have?  The logo at the bottom of the Button Remote shows if you have the Infrared or Bluetooth Edition.
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The Button Remote for Apple TV is guaranteed to work out of the box via infrared and a direct line of sight or via Bluetooth (with the Bluetooth Edition) when paired with your Apple TV.

Important: If it does not work out of the box with a direct line of sight there may be a conflict with a legacy Logitech Harmony Remote or a first generation Apple TV remote (non-Siri remote).

First, try to unplug your Apple TV for 6-10 seconds then plug it back in.

Click here to learn more about the fix if it is still not working or please reach out to our support team for assistance. We are happy to help!