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Function101 Cable Blocks 4-Pack

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Cable Blocks are a magnetic cable management system comprised of four premium silicone blocks that keep your cables organized on the workspace and keep them off the floor!

MOVABLE: Position them anywhere along your cable and on your workspace and reposition them as needed. Cable blocks do not use adhesives but rather are magnetic and weighted to help keep your cables in place.

ADAPTABLE: Heavier cables or slick surfaces may require added stability. Each cable block has imbedded magnets so you can connect a second block for extra security when needed.

CONNECTABLE: Connect multiple blocks together to keep all your cables neatly aligned on your workspace. Simply move the connected blocks to the edge of your desk for a clean and organized workspace.


An organized workspace is essential for productivity and reducing stress. We recognized that messy, tangled cables distract and create frustration when they fall to the floor. Existing solutions in the market often rely on cheap adhesives that aren't movable and can damage desk surfaces.

Our Cable Blocks offer an elegant alternative. These blocks blend weights and magnets with premium silicone material to provide a versatile and stylish solution that works perfectly on your desk, nightstand, or end table. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, they organize and guide your cables without the need for permanent fixtures or sticky residues.

Crafted to support a variety of cable sizes, each block features a non-slip base and durable construction. At Function101, we are committed to enhancing your interaction with technology. Cable Blocks are designed to streamline your workspace and allow you to focus on what truly matters, supporting a cleaner environment and promoting an uncluttered mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of cables can Cable Blocks manage?

Cable Blocks are designed to accommodate a wide range of computer and mobile cable sizes, from thin charger wires to thicker USB-C power cords.  The slot in the Cable Blocks is not designed to accommodate thicker traditional power cords or thick HDMI Cables.

How do the Cable Blocks stay in place?

Each Cable Block is equipped with a weighted base and integrated magnets. The weight ensures the block stays in place under the cables' tension, while the magnets allow for additional stability on metal surfaces. This design eliminates the need for adhesives, protecting your furniture from damage.

Can I use Cable Blocks on any surface?

Absolutely!  Cable Blocks are made with a premium silicone material that is gentle on all surfaces. Whether you're organizing cables on a desk, nightstand, or an end table, these blocks will not scratch or leave marks, making them ideal for any setting.

How many Cable Blocks do I need for my setup?

The number of Cable Blocks needed depends on the number of cables and the extent of cable management you desire. Typically, a set of four blocks can manage up to 12 cables, providing neat and efficient organization for most workspaces.

Are Cable Blocks easy to reposition?

Yes, Cable Blocks are designed for flexibility and can be easily repositioned as needed. The absence of adhesives and the portable nature of the blocks make them perfect for adjusting your cable setup anytime, ensuring your workspace remains organized and adaptable to your changing needs.

* 1 Year Warranty * 30-Day Returns *

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